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Profitable Sales

The practice of using loss leader items to attract customers with the anticipation of non-sale items being sold has proven over time to increase profits on slower days while attracting new loyal customers.


Grocery Stores have mastered the art of profitable sales by using coupons and loss leader items to invite customers to visit them on slower shopping days such as Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.  This practice expands the number of shopping days from three days to seven seven days.


50% Off a jar of Spaghetti Sauce

When is the last time you purchased a jar of spaghetti sauce to drink? 


Shoppers know a jar of spaghetti sauce is an ingredient and not the meal, so advertising a jar of spaghetti sauce stimulates thoughts of preparing a meal that require items such as; meat, spaghetti, and various ingredients to personalize a meal;such as lettuce for salad, salad dressing, garlic bread and maybe a bottle of wine, etc. 


Reducing the cost of a jar of sauce that sells for $1.49 can lead to over $40 in additional sales.


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